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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pick up my Cheese Log?  Cheese Logs are available at all participating restaurants

What if I am just missing one stamp because a restaurant was closed?  Prizes will not be given for incomplete logs.  Each restaurant has varying hours and open days.  Please check the hours before you start your tasting adventure!

Where does the trail start? Wherever you choose!  The trail is self guided.  Be sure to check the hours of operation for participating restaurants as hours vary and some are only open for lunch.

What if I have started the original trail and not yet completed it?  No worries. We will honor all former beer cheese cards, with a “free” spot for Engine House Deli. 

What qualifies to have my log stamped?  The purchase of a traditional relish tray or a specialty dish featuring beer cheese at one of the participating stops enables you to receive a stamp at the location.  Only one stamp per beer cheese item is eligible per log.

Are Beer Cheese Trail Shirts available for purchase?  Some shirts are available for purchase, but the shirts awarded for conquering the trail are unique and not available for purchase.  You must collect the stamps from participating locations to receive the specialty trail shirt.

Can each member of my family redeem their Cheese Log for a prize? Yes, however we do not provide children’s t-shirt sizes at this time.

Can I bring my friends Cheese Log and pick up their t-shirt?  Yes, as long as you bring in the completed Cheese Log.

Is there a deadline to turn in my Cheese Log?  No.  Prizes are limited to stock on hand.

Can I redeem my Cheese Log and receive my prize by mail?  Yes.

Please include your completed Log, including mailing address and mail to:

  • Winchester-Clark County Tourism
  • 2 South Maple Street
  • Winchester, KY 40391

Do I receive anything for a partially completed log?  No

Does it matter what order I receive my stamps in? No

What if no one is at the Tourism Office to collect my completed Cheese Log? Due to a small staff and numerous events the office is unmanned at times during traditional business hours (M-F 8:00 to 5:00) and is closed weekends.  Should you attempt to return your Log and the office is closed you may leave your Log in the “Log Box” and your prize will be mailed to you FREE of charge.

What is a Beer Cheese Ambassador?  A zealous Beer Cheese enthusiast who completes all eight stops on the trail!  You will be awarded a certificate, t-shirt and your name will be entered in a drawing to serve as a Beer Cheese Festival Judge.

What is the Beer Cheese Festival?  A Beer Cheese Lovers Paradise!  The Beer Cheese Festival is the only place on earth where you can sample unlimited quantities of Beer Cheese from all across the country.  It is the largest collection of Beer Cheese vendors in one space!  Delicious!

When is the Beer Cheese Festival?  The festival is typically held the 2nd Saturday in June in lovely downtown Winchester!



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